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About the CentrSource Network

The CentrSource network, anchored by Canada Post, is a strong community of some of Canada’s most trusted media brands who bring local and relevant Offers from Sellers to you. On CentrSource you’ll get targeted Offers for you based on your specific interests and your location. That means you will always find great Offers - where you want them and when you want them. Our Sellers are able to provide these Offers through our Community Publishers who are already familiar with you and your interests. 

CentrSource is the link between you and our trusted Sellers who will customize their Offers just for you - when you want it and local to your neighbourhood. You control the way you shop on CentrSource. You can feel confident with any Offer you get on the CentrSource network. 

Why should you use CentrSource?

Your time is valuable so we want to help you shop wisely. You can drop in to CentrSource anytime to find what you’re looking for and you’ll be on your way in minutes. Our goal is to provide you with greater choice, complete security and privacy as well as convenience and total satisfaction. We have created an environment that now lets you shop and browse when you want and for products and services that you can trust that are relevant to you and your needs. 

You're always the boss

We only present you Offers that you have requested, that are available now, and are in your neighbourhood.

It all comes from your Community Publisher

Your Community Publisher is one of a growing network of media websites that drive the CentrSource community. CentrSource is exclusively available through these leading and trusted Media Partners. So, in every respect, CentrSource is their offering to you.

In each case, a customized co-branded version of CentrSource is created for the Community Publisher. They will make their co-branded CentrSource pages available to you.

Happy Shopping!