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Our Charter

We know that things have changed and the decision to buy is now in your hands – not the manufacturer or retailer.  Today it is you, the customer who decides how you want to purchase a product or service and you’ll make those decisions based on your individual needs. 

We’ve designed CentrSource because we recognize your strength and control as a customer. Therefore we are providing you with greater choice, complete security and privacy as well as convenience and total satisfaction. We have created an environment that now lets you shop and browse when you want and for products and services that are relevant to you and your needs. 

If you look around you’ll see there are many online ‘malls’ that promise you variety but only give you access to a specific list of their ‘preferred’ manufacturers or merchants. That really limits your choices and gives you less control. CentrSource is a free market with unlimited access for manufacturers and Sellers. We’ve created it for you - the customer. We will strive to provide you with access to the most complete and comprehensive selection of goods and services. If a Seller or manufacturer agrees to abide by the CentrSource principals outlined in this Charter then they are free to offer their goods and services to you on our site. Their continued presence will be based on their on-going business conduct. We expect the best from our Sellers.

While shopping online is easy and fast, the convenience of Internet commerce has slowly and increasingly become a complicated online navigation process that is structured to entangle shoppers and extract their personal data. From its inception, CentrSource has been created to help you get where you want to go and do what you want to do as quickly as electronically possible. You register once, and then are forever able to purchase, comparison shop or gather information without any resistance or delay. There is a full range of services available to you – product reports, loyalty programs, discount plans and more. You will always choose your level of involvement or lack of involvement. You will always be in control. 

The world of commerce is changing. And you have gained control of the purchase process. In our opinion, that’s how it should be. Don't forget, your privacy is important to us. For more information on how we will protect your privacy, please visit our Privacy Highlights.

At CentrSource, our goal is to give you the maximum control in the most secure, convenient and reliable manner possible, to the best of our abilities.  As technology continues to change we will continue to learn, improve and grow. That is our commitment to you.  Only in this way, will we be truly able to deliver the letter and spirit of this charter, today and always.