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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is CentrSource?

CentrSource is an online shopping network that allows you to find Offers that are relevant and in your neighbourhood. We allow our trusted Sellers to reach you with targeted and local Offers. It’s easy to use and the search results only produce Offers that are of interest to you.

What is an Offer Alert?

Create Offer Alerts so you never miss any great Offers again. You can set up your Offer Alerts on your “My CentrSource” page and ask to be updated with information from your favourite Sellers, brands, categories or keywords. You can opt to be notified by email when a new Offer is added. Keep in mind, you must be a registered member to create Offer Alerts. 

How Do I Create an Offer Alert?

To create an Offer Alert, click ‘Add Stuff’ on your “My CentrSource” page. Give it a name that will be easy for you to remember such as “My Birthday”. Now determine your search parameters, such as location, keywords, categories, Sellers and filter options and decide how the results will be shown in your Offer Alerts. Just one thing, you must be a registered member to create Offer Alerts. 

What is a Tab?

Once you sign in, you can now create your own Tabs. Tabs on your “My CentrSource” page denote different categories of Offers, or Offers that apply to different areas of your life. Just as you can create tabs in many Internet browsers, creating tabs on CentrSource lets you toggle between different types of content quickly and easily. For example, create a Tab for “Shopping Lists”,  “Home Décor” and “My Hobbies” and keep relevant Offers categorized under each. You can add as many Tabs as you want, and you can arrange them in any way you want, just by dragging and dropping them on your page. 

How do I create a Tab?

It’s simple to create new tabs on CentrSource. To create a Tab, click the plus button ‘+’ beside the “My CentrSource” Tab and a new Tab will appear. Simply name the Tab and you can start to add Offers to this new section. Tabs make it easy to see your saved and new Offers. Don’t forget, you must be a registered member to create a Tab.

Where do I go to add my photo?

To add your photo, simply go to “My Account” and then click on “Change Photo”. Your photo will be uploaded immediately and added to your profile.

What size should my photo be?

Your photo should be approximately 80x60 pixels and should be a .jpg or .gif. If your photo is a different size, our system will automatically adjust it to fit.

Why do some Offers include prices and others don't?

Some Sellers may choose not to include a price in their Offer or sometimes an Offer is Free and no price is necessary. Or it has a coupon that you can print out and take into the Seller’s location. 

How can I write an effective review?

Try to share your opinion as honestly as you can with other CentrSource users to help them determine if this is an Offer they might be interested in. We ask that all content is appropriate for our readers and is respectful to the CentrSource community. CentrSource will remove any language containing obscenities or profanity. The best reviews will be regularly awarded by CentrSource, as will the most active members of CentrSource community. Sellers have no authority to delete user reviews.

How do I print a coupon?

Just click on the Offer Action that's giving you that option. A pop-up window will appear with a coupon preview. You can either save the coupon to your desktop or you can print it out. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the coupon. * Simply click the PRINT button. Now you can bring this coupon into a Seller’s location to redeem its value on the Offer. 

How do I print a SourcePoint$ Certificate?

If you click on an Offer Action that includes a SourcePoint$ Certificate you will see a pop-up window that shows you a preview of the Certificate. From there, simply click the PRINT button.*

How do I use a SourcePoint$ Certificate?

A SourcePoint$ Certificate is your record of the contract for SourcePoint$ you have made with a Seller. You must present it in-store once you have taken the Offer Action required (making a purchase, taking a test drive, etc.). An employee should sign the Certificate and retain the Seller portion for their records. You should keep your portion and any proof of purchase until the Seller has released the promised SourcePoint$ into your Account. If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

Sometimes certain Sellers don't appear on the map. Why is that?

Some Sellers may conduct their business strictly online, so they don't have a physical, geographic location to mark on the map.

What is a Community Publisher?

A Community Publisher is a well-known brand or company you can trust to bring you a selection of Offers created for your particular interests.

Can I apply to be a Community Publisher?

Yes. If you work for or represent a media company, a not-for-profit agency or another type of business that represents a specific community of interest and if you have your own website, simply contact us. Once we have reviewed your information, we will notify you of the next steps.

Can I register as a Seller?

Absolutely. Anyone who has their own business and wants to offer their products or services to our Communities is welcome to register. Start here for your FREE REGISTRATION.

What is the SourcePoint$ Store?

The SourcePoint$ Store is where you can redeem the loyalty rewards you earn on CentrSource while you browse and shop for Offers. You can redeem for a huge range of items – all you need is a minimum of 500 SourcePoint$ in your account. Access the SourcePoint$ Store from the main menu bar. Don’t forget, for international redemptions, shipping and handling charges may apply.

Do I need to print a SourcePoint$ Certificate to get my SourcePoint$?

On some actions you will need to print your SourcePoint$ Certificate.  A SourcePoint$ Certificate is your record of the contract for SourcePoint$ you have made with a Seller. So you must print your SourcePoint$ Certificate as verification of the deal, in case there is any discrepancy.

How do I earn SourcePoint$

Just look for the SourcePoint$  source points 2 icon while you are browsing Offers, when you register, fill in certain profile information or respond to Offers. Once you respond, you will be rewarded with the amount of SourcePoint$ specified in the Offer. You can also earn SourcePoint$ by participating in surveys and entering personal information into your profile.

Where can I see my SourcePoint$ balance?

You can see your SourcePoint$ balance next to your photo (silhouette or thumbnail picture of yourself that you uploaded.) You will also see your points on the top right hand side of your home page once you log in to CentrSource.

How can I review my SourcePoint$ history?

If you want to review your SourcePoint$ history, simply click “My Account” and then choose “My History”. 

Why do some SourcePoint$ in my account appear in red?

Red indicates that these SourcePoint$ have not yet been released into your account. In order for the Seller to release your SourcePoint$, you must take your printed SourcePoint$ Certificate to their store location, and submit it to them. Only upon submission of your SourcePoint$ Certificate will your SourcePoint$ be released. When your SourcePoint$ have been released by the Seller, the colour will change to green. Keep in mind that in some cases, it can take up to 2 weeks for a Seller to verify your action and for SourcePoint$ to appear in your account.

Why do some SourcePoint$ in my account appear in green?

Green indicates that you have submitted your SourcePoint$ Certificate to the Seller, and that they have released the promised SourcePoint$ into your account.

If I want to buy SourcePoint$, do I need to register with PayPal?

Yes. You must first register with PayPal in order to use this service for your SourcePoint$ purchase.

How do I search just for Offers?

Simply type a few words that relate to what you're shopping for into the search box. Or, search by location or by category. You can also use our Seller Directory.

What is My Account?

In the “My Account” section you will find your personal information and history on any SourcePoint$ actions or Surveys you have taken. You will also find your saved Offers, your top- rated Offers and any reviews you have written. You can update your details and add to your profile to earn additional SourcePoint$!

Where can I see my browsing history?

You can view your browsing history by clicking “My Account”, and then choosing “My History”. 

What are My Subscriptions?

Subscriptions are notifications, emails or text messages that you have opted to receive when you created a new Offer Alert. You can add or delete these subscriptions at any time on your Home page under “My Account” and click on “My Subscriptions”.

Can I unsubscribe from CentrSource emails?

Yes – just send us an email and we will make sure you that you no longer receive CentrSource emails. 

How do I unsubscribe from Subscriptions?

It's easy. Under “My Account”, click on “My Subscriptions”. Here you will see a list of all subscriptions and the status of each one. Just select 'unsubscribe' for those that you no longer wish to receive.

Can I temporarily deactivate a single Subscription?

Yes. Under “My Account’” click on “My Subscriptions”. Under 'status' you will see two check boxes. Just select 'inactive' beside the subscriptions you no longer wish to receive for now.

Can I edit My Subscriptions?

Yes. You can edit your Subscriptions by going to “My Account”, click on “My Subscriptions”. There, you can manage and edit all of your subscriptions.

If I provide my address, will I start getting all sorts of SPAM and junk emails?

No. CentrSource only uses your email address to validate your location. When you consent to share your email address with a Seller, they have agreed to treat your private information according to the relevant national, regional and local legislation governing the use of this data. We will only send you weekly great Offers that you won’t want to miss out on.

Why does CentrSource require so much personal information?

When you are acting on Offers, we use the personal information you provide at registration to pre-populate any contact fields required at that time. So providing all of your details at registration will actually save you time once you start shopping. Remember our Privacy Policy: We will never use your personal data in any way without your explicit consent.

If I report a Seller or a bad Offer, will they have access to my information as the person reporting them?

No. Sellers will never see your information if you report a bad Offer or inappropriate content.