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Decompression Belt - Introductory 50% OFF SALE!

Offer Expires on January-02-12

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Offer Description

For the first time in Canada, renowned back pain specialist Dr. Michael Ho's is introducing a revolutionary new product engineered to help men and women relieve a lifetime of back pain in as little as 20 minutes - DR HO'S Decompression Belt.

First 100 callers get DR HO'S Back Pain Relieving Air Orthotics FREE ($80 value).  These orthotics help absorb the shock and impact caused by standing and walking to help relieve back pain.  The shock-absorbing heel plate also helps reduce pain associated with heel spurs, bruised heels, and plantarfasciitis.  Wearing the Air Orthotics can help reduce back, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain.


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